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Added on 21/09/09 | Firewall

This firewall is freeware and is very easy to setup and configure if need be. It can out on one site number 3 for best defence (norton was 14). It can look on its database to see if the program that you are running is safe and a percentage of who's allowed it and disallowed it. ( one firewall is better than none and its not good to have more than one so get a good one)


Added on 21/09/09 | Anti-virus

They provide a free antivirus for home users the software is free nice in the way it will tell you when you have a virus or a possable virus by sound and visual support, the program updates all most once a day so its very up to date with viruses or if the program has an update, the program tells you when its updated by a blue box in the bottem right of the screen with a voice saying virus database is up to date. All you have to do is register the program once a year and thats it.


added on 21/09/09 | Tweaks

On there site they have three programs which we use on our machines and we will use on the clients machines if they wish, The three programs are Gamebooster this improved the games on the pc by 30 to 40% (will vary between games), the second program is Advance Systemcare this will improve windows overall (they do have a pay version but the free one does us ok), the program removes spyware and changes a few settings which can increase the speed of the internet at which you get your pages from. A lot of there software is freeware.


Added on 21/09/09 | Office

OpenOffice will open any office file you give it and can save it in a different format that includes Mircosoft word, excel, etc. This program is freeware and is multi-platform support, so you can install this on Windows, Linux, Apple, all most anything.


Added on 22/09/09 | Browser

Firefox is a very nice web browser and is said to be more secure than internet explorer that if there is a flaw in the program there is a high chance they already have someone or a group of people fixing it and soon as there done its out to the people. A survey was done in 2006 where people using internet explorer were at risk 268 days of the year and firefox users 10 days at risk. Firefox has a lot of plugins so its easy to customize it to the way you like or improve it.