Terms And Conditions

1. We currently take payments by paypal,GoogleCheckout(soon) or cash. We will not order any items/hardware until payment has been collected the fastest way for this is by paypal. We are currently looking in to taking card by phone. (while keeping cost's down)
2. When we start the secure wipe we are unable to get any of the data back and can not give a rough time on how long it will take until the process has been started but again this can change. We can phone you before hand to make sure there is nothing left on the hard drive that you wish us to give/return to you. We do not look on the hard-drive before the process as we honor the Data protection act and your privacy.
3. If we install any software/hardware on the machine we can not be held liable for any damages or data lost that could occour with the computer or devices. The software is tested out on a number of computers before being used on client machines but not everything can be 100% safe.
4. When we build (upgrade only counts on that part) a computer/server for you that will come with a one year guarantee. If the company that made the hardware and has issued a recall we will contact you as soon as we are aware of the problem.

We will not replace or repair the hardware if we feel that the hardware has been abused or misused.
5. When the invoice has been printed you will have 15 days in order to make payment if you need an extra few days then please get in touch as soon as possible and we should be able to arrange a deal or a payment scheme (max amount of time is a month including the 15 days).
6. The details that you give to us will never be given out to any company or people even for money.
7. We reserve the right not to serve clients if they have been or are abusive either/and on the phone, by e-mail, post or by direct contact. Our staff have been told to leave a client's address if they feel they have been threatened or abused and this will/can involve the police.